What's this blog about?

Singapore has LOTS of wild places left! And plenty of wild activities. This blog is a one-stop location to showcase these events: talks, walks, volunteer opportunities and more. Many of them free or at nominal cost, and suitable for kids and the family.

The blog is updated regularly. Drop by to find out what's on this weekend. Or subscribe to the blog by rss or email updates (see left column, scroll to the bottom).

You CAN make a difference for our wild places.

EXPLORING them is an easy and enjoyable first step.

How to use this blog?
Here are more details.

Other questions?

Where is the old wildsingapore website?!
Still there, no worries. The plan is for the website to host more static pages such as fact sheets. And the website will continue to grow, but not as rapidly as the daily wild stuff.

So where are all the daily updates of wild stuff?
There's a widget on the wildsingapore website homepage that displays all the updates from the following feeds:
This wild happenings blog
The wild news blog of daily media reports
And the wildsingapore google reader of the very many blog entries about our wild places.

Why did I convert the website to blogs?
The wildsingapore website had so far been done by me alone. It was quite taxing to do daily website updates by hand in html and via ftp. I was spending 2-3 hours every day just doing this There were many times when I contemplated just giving it up altogether.

Hopefully, this arrangement will make it easier for me to sustain the effort. Also, with the blogs, anyone can also help with updating. In this way, wildsingapore can be more of a community effort! Which was not possible with the website.

With the change to a blog, you can now…
  • Subscribe to feeds of these blogs.
  • Download widgets of these and put them up on your own blog.
  • Make comments and discuss the entries.
The change also allows me…
  • To provide more instant updates via a web browser.
  • Since it's much easier to update on the blogs, a wider range of news, events and issues can be covered.
  • To invite others to help contribute, for a more vibrant and comprehensive coverage of wild issues and events.
Any comments about this blog?

I'd love to hear from you if you have ideas on improving the blog. Or any other ideas for raising awareness of our wonderful wild places.

Do leave a comment (below, see how useful a blog is!)
Or email me at hello@wildsingapore.com

Thank you!

This blog, as in everything else that I do, would not have been possible without the kindness, patience and generous sharing offered by many volunteers. Thank you all of you too!

1 comment:

Little Red Bus said...

hey there.. I've been following your blog for quite awhile, about time I gave thanks!

Fabulous blog, been to a couple of events posted here, and would never have discovered it if not for you.

Thank you for doing what you do!