17-18 Nov (Sat-Sun): AVA's Responsible Pet Ownership Roadshow 2007

Pet abandonment is cruel and should never be an option for any pet owner. Nevertheless, pet abandonment continues to be a problem in Singapore. How can we put a stop to pet abandonment? What should existing and potential pet owners know about keeping a pet for life?

To find out this and more, visit the Roadshow. Highlights include:
- Interactive displays on Responsible Pet Ownership
- 'Ask the Vet' Booth
- Booths by animal welfare groups
- Stage activities and games
- Kids' Corner
- Cute souvenirs

Time: 11.00 am - 10.00 pm
Venue: Ngee Ann City Civic Plaza
Website: http://www.ava.gov.sg/
Contact: feedback form on the AVA website

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Anonymous said...

With reference to the recent letters in the S.T. forum on irresponsible pet owners who do not clean up ater their pets. /See Wed 'Dirty business 1' oct 29 and 'Pet peeve' Sat. nov 1.

I hope that you will include 'picking up your pets' poo in public places' as an important part of being a responsible pet ownership. I live in a private housing estate and often see owners/maids just walking away from their dogs' poo.

On the subject of 'local dogs', I would like to share my views on them.
I, too, was initially prejudiced against them. My son rescued a 3 mth old pup that was very sick and abandoned. After she got well, I tried to find her a home but when friends heard she was a 'local' dog, they declined. We decided to keep her and she turned out to be a highly intelligent, obedient and responsive dog. She is able to 'communicate' with us through sounds and actions. So i hope people will give strays a chance to prove themselves!

With all good wishes on a successful roadshow.