18 Nov (Sun): Eco-Picnic at Admiralty Park

"Come out and Play, It's No TV Day!" event, with a focus on climate change and energy conservation.

Republic Polytechnic is also organizing the first ever ECO picnic competition in Singapore in conjunction with Clean and Green Singapore (CGS) North West!
This environment friendly event promotes the message of conservation, family bonding and healthy lifestyle. Picnic goers are encouraged to go green in whatever way they can, such as minimizing the use of disposable items, using eco-friendly picnic utensils, caring for the environment.

Other activities include a Green Hike and Mini Sports Station loaded with games like the Environmental Archery, Street Soccer, Tug-of-War.

Time: 8am - 12noon
Venue: Admiralty Park
Website: http://www.cgs.org.sg/

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