29 May - 4 Jun: Highlights of the week ahead

It's the school holidays! A great opportunity to bring the kids to Pesta Ubin!
Pesta Ubin 2017 poster: this week 29 May - 4 Jun
This week, FREE, no registration required. Just come this Saturday for Balik Chek Jawa! Volunteer guides will be stationed all over the boardwalk to share about Chek Jawa's amazing wildlife. Also lots of activities for kids and the family!

And lots of other Pesta Ubin activities that are free of charge and do NOT require registration. Simply come to Pulau Ubin and join the fun! Don't say Bo Jio!

Pesta Ubin highlights

For kids and the family

Walks in wild places

Make a wild difference

Go wild on your own!

This long weekend, why not explore our wild places free-and-easy? Great destinations include Pulau Ubin and a wide range of seashores, mangroves and forest destinations. Lots of info for visitors on wildsingapore with tips on how to prepare for a trip, how to get there and what to see and do.

A tip for school holidays during weekends

Our wild places and parks can get VERY crowded on long weekends. The best way to avoid the crowds is to arrive early in the morning and leave early. Our wildlife is generally more active in the morning too!

MORE events next week

MORE events for the month ahead.

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