18 Mar (Wed): Jemput! Rediscovering Plants in Malay Cuisine & Culture

Come and join us on our free guided walks as part of Jemput! Rediscovering Plants in Malay Cuisine & Culture. Fort Canning Park presents a themed-display in the park that focuses on the second largest ethnic group in Singapore, the Malays, from March to April 09. There will be two public workshops, and free guided walks in Fort Canning Park’s Spice Garden which provide a chance for participants to get up close and personal to plants which play an important role in both cuisine and culture of the Malays.

The early Malays who led a semi-nomadic way of life have garnered a wealth of information extracted from nature and the environment that surrounds them. These old wisdom were usually passed on from generation to generation by word of mouth and have been known to be laced with superstitions and sometimes contain very little logic and science. Nevertheless, these beliefs and practices have assimilated in the Malay culture and traditions and some practiced till this very day.

Jemput – a term often used to invite guests into their home, start of a meal or just about any activities. We welcome you to rediscover and sample the rich Malay culture. Your journey begins here.

The tour will lasts approximately 1½ hr and will introduce participants to plants commonly featured in Malay cuisine, tradition and ceremonies. Walk is moderately easy but will involve some climbing down and up steps and slope.

Registration required: Call 63321200/63321302 or email surinam_sumsudin@nparks.gov.sg or goh_lili@nparks.gov.sg.

Dates and times:
18 Mar (Wed), 10am
4 Apr (Sat), 4pm
18 Apr (Sat), 4pm
Venue: meet outside NParks Visitor Centre, Fort Canning Centre, Fort Canning Park
Website: http://www.nparks.gov.sg/
Contact: 63321200/63321302 or surinam_sumsudin@nparks.gov.sg or goh_lili@nparks.gov.sg.