20 Nov (Tue): Children's Treasure Hunt - a guided tour

A giant prehistoric dinosaur has left its eggs in the Singapore Botanic Gardens! Children will discover some interesting members of the plant kindgom in this guided tour ending in a treasure hunt.

Suitable for children in K1 - P2 levels

For enquiry and registration, please contact the SBG Education Branch at 6471 9961 or 6465 0196 or email nparks_sbg_edu@nparks.gov.sg. Online registration is available on www.sbg.org.sg (under "Education")

Time: 10-11am
Cost: $8.50 per child (includes $2.50 "Sara, The Forgetful Dinosaur" Workbook)
Venue: The Green Pavilion, Tanglin Core of the Singapore Botanic Gardens
Website: http://www.nparks.gov.sg/