2 Dec (Sun): Birds and Bugs of the Bower for kids

MacRitchie is more than just a reservoir from which we draw life-sustaining water for our daily consumption. It is also one of the last strongholds to some precious patches of primary rain forests left in Singapore today. Giant keruing trees, nutmegs, oak and other native tree species form a shady bower over forest trails, providing homes for a myriad birds and bugs. Catch a glimpse of fish eagles, white-throated kingfishers, common ioras, and scarlet backed flowerpeckers! Look under leaves to find caterpillars and leaf hoppers. Some of the other animals that we may spot are flying dragons, skinks, clouded monitors, long-tailed macaques, squirrels, and colugos.

Bring poncho or raincoat, water in your refillable water bottle, herbal mosquito repellent. Please wear long pants, tee-shirt, socks and covered shoes.

Pre-registration and more details with Celine Low at contact@cicadatree.org.sg giving participants' names, ages and a mobile no

Time: 9-11am
Cost: $13 per person (adult or child. suitable for those aged 5 years and above).

Website and contact: http://www.cicadatree.org.sg/