19 Apr (Sat): Mangrove cleanup at Sungei Api-Api (Pasir Ris Park)

Sungei Api-api and its river bank is home to many native and migratory birds, otters and other animals important to the eco-system. With waste thrown into the sea and increasing development around the area, the mangroves are getting more polluted than it is naturally created to handle, threatening the homes of these animals and the ecosystem that thrives.
In celebration of Earth Day (on 22nd April), we are organising a mangrove clean-up. Do come along with your family and friends and do your part for the environment, to understand the importance of protecting our fragile eco-system and lastly, to have fun! What to bring and more details on The Green Volunteers blog.

This event is organised by The Green Volunteers and Sea Shepherd.

Time: 8am-1pm
Venue: Pasir Ris Carpark C; Wash up/Toilet area
Contact and details on facebook: https://www.facebook.com/events/218976774970387/