24 Jan (Sat): Nature Keeper Programme

Designed to stimulate the interest of the young and inculcate in them an appreciation of our forests, the programme will be carried out at Dairy Farm Nature Park. The programme aims to nurture young volunteers in protecting our natural heritage in the longer term.

Children will learn more about the fun facts of the forests in Singapore and have the opportunity to interact with nature. As part of the programme, they will also be introduced to “The Green Factory” and understand how forest products are incorporated into our daily life. There will also be a guided walk at Wallace Trail and an art-and-craft session.

Suitable for children 7 - 11 years old (Primary 1 to 5)

Only 30 spaces available. Register online at the Nparks website.

Time: 9am - 12noon
Venue: Dairy Farm Nature Park, Wallace Education Centre
Website: http://www.nparks.gov.sg/