31 May - 5 Jun: Traditional Wayang at Pulau Ubin

Come to Pulau Ubin to enjoy authentic traditional wayang in celebration of Tua Pek Kong Temple Festival.
Photos of the festivities by Jerome Lim on facebook.
Thanks to Victor Yue for highlighting the celebration. He says "every year, on the same day as Vesak Day (4M15), the Pulau Ubin Tua Pek Kong Temple celebrates in honour of Tua Pek Kong." There will be festivities, free wayang shows with free evening ferry rides.

Thanks to Jerome Lim for sharing the notice of the celebrations:
click on image for larger view.

Thanks to Victor Yue for translation of the notice.
31May15 (4M14) Sun
10am: Invite Tua Pek Kong
11am: Prayer ritual starts
3pm: First Taoist Ritual
7pm: Second Taoist Ritual
7pm: Sin Sin Yong Hua Teochew Opera starts
10pm: Invite Jade Emperor 
1Jun15 (4M15) Mon (Vesak Day - Public Holiday)
10am: Prayers starts
11am: Lion and Dragon Dances
2.30pm: Distribution of Temple Offerings
3.30pm: Send off Jade Emperor
7pm: Sin Sin Yong Hua Teochew Opera
8pm: Tua Ji Ya Pek (First and Second Grandpa deity from the nearby temple) visit 
2Jun15 (4M16) Tue
7pm: Sin Sin Yong Hua Teochew Opera 
3Jun15 (4M17) Wed
7pm: Sin Sin Yong Hua Teochew Opera 
4Jun15 (4M18) Thu
7pm: Sin Sin Yong Hua Teochew Opera 
5Jun15 (4M19) Fri
10am: Teochew Opera Singing (From Sin SIn Yong Hua)
6.15pm: Pulau Ubin Fo Shan Ting Da Bo Gong Night (Getai) with Dr Mohamad Maliki Bin Osman, Minister for Defence & National Development, Mayor for South East District, and MP for East Coast GRC as Guest of Honour
10.30pm: Tua Pek Kong returns 
Free Ferry Service
31May15 - 4Jun15:
from Changi Jetty (6.30pm to 9pm)
From Pulau Ubin Jetty: (8pm - 10pm)
from Changi Jetty (6.30pm to 10pm)
From Pulau Ubin Jetty: (6.30pm - 10.30pm)

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