20 Feb (Sat): Talk on Understanding the Long-tailed Macaques" by Sabrina Jabbar

In the light of the year of the monkey, Sabrina Jabbar will be sharing with us more information on basic macaque behaviors and facial expressions that the public should know of to ensure co-existence and avoid unnecessary conflict.
Common myths about the macaques will be shared, as well as case studies, which will allow the audience to think about and provide answers on what is the best solution to attain co-existence with the macaques.

Register for the talk at nature@sentosa.com.sg.

Speaker's Profile:
Sabrina has been active in the animal advocacy and protection scene since she was a zookeeper at the Singapore Zoo for 5 years. As part of the ACRES Macaque Campaigns Team, she rescued, rehabilitated and released more than 15 macaques throughout her 2.5 years there. Apart from that, she also ran experimental pilot projects to explore alternative solutions for human-macaque co-existence. Today, Sabrina works as a veterinary nurse, while volunteering her free time at the Jane Goodall Institue Singapore (JGIS), helping people gain a better understanding about the macaques.

Time: 1-2pm
Venue: Level 1, Sentosa Nature Discovery
Website: http://www.sentosa.com.sg/en/febspringtime/