9 Sep (Fri): Rainforest Life Workshop for kids

An incredible diversity of wild plants and animals are still found in Singapore’s precious rainforests. Here live colugo, mousedeer, pangolin, flying lizard, musang and many other unique critters. Giant trees grow here, with trunks that soar up through the forest canopy into the sky. Down below on the cool forest floor, critters camouflage among the leaf litter and glowing mushrooms.
In this workshop led by Cicada Tree Eco Place, participants will learn about our native rainforest ecosystem, its biodiversity and the crucial services it provides for the health of our planet. Participants then go on a guided walk in the park to look for rainforest plants that have a special symbiotic relationship with forest critters.

This is part of the  'Connecting with Nature' programme featuring a series of educational activities in our parks where you and your family can learn and appreciate nature.

To register, email NParks_HortPark@nparks.gov.sg. Please provide your name, contact number and number of participants. After which, payment has to be made by cheque by 30 Aug 2016.

Time: 10am -12noon
Venue: HortPark, Visitor Services Centre
Cost: $25 per person
Website: http://www.nparks.gov.sg/