25 Nov (Fri): Critter Cribs Workshop for kids

How do critters make their homes in the wild? Do they build nests and dig burrows? We know that birds are highly skilled in creating their nests. But many other kinds of critters are also clever in making a cozy crib for themselves and to keep their families safe, dry and warm.
Join this workshop by Cicada Tree Eco Place where participants will learn how local critters make their cribs with different kind of materials, and get a close look at some crib specimens.

Participants then go on a guided walk in the park to look for critters’ cribs.

Join us for the 'Connecting with Nature' programmes featuring a series of educational activities in our parks where you and your family can learn and appreciate nature.

To register, email NParks_HortPark@nparks.gov.sg. Please provide your name, contact number and number of participants. After which, payment has to be made by cheque by 15 November 2016.

More details on the NParks website.

Time: 10am - 12noon
Meeting point: HortPark, Visitor Services Centre
Fee: $25 per person