24 Nov (Fri): Nite Critter Watch at Pasir Ris Mangrove Boardwalk

Join Cicada Tree Eco Place at this location, which is very good for a night wild critter walk and that’s why we keep going back there. As dusk falls, we look out for emerging bats and observe their acrobatic feeding flight. Kids will get to use our bat detector to catch their calls. We explore deep into the mangrove forest via the extensive boardwalks to look for other nocturnal critters who live here, such as water snakes and owls. Tree-climbing crabs may be seen perched high above on branches, as if they're birds. Fireflies also live in this lovely mangrove forest patch. Though only seasonally numerous, we should meet some.
Other exciting nocturnal critters met here include the Reticulated Python, Palm Civet and Mangrove Flatworm. For those who wish to see a Giant Mudskipper, we should be able to spot some asleep in this swamp. This easy walk is on level pathways and wooden boardwalks with no stairs. We will take a night-snack break at one of the shelters.

More details and registration on facebook.

Time: 6.30pm - 8.30pm
Meeting and end point: Pasir Ris Park at Car Park ‘C’
Cost: $13 per participant, free for kids of participants aged 6 yrs and below. To be paid in cash at meeting point