21 - 27 May: Highlights of the week ahead

Pesta Ubin starts this weekend!
With lots of nature happenings. Something for everyone.
Check out these FREE activities. No registration required. Simply come to Pulau Ubin and join the fun! More Pesta Ubin highlights.
Pesta Ubin 2018: 27 May (Sun)
Check out the Pesta Ubin blog, and like the Pesta Ubin facebook page for the latest updates. Find a Pesta Ubin activity that suits your schedule and interest! Many are specially for kids and for the family.

For kids and the family

Walks in wild places

For Nature Society (Singapore) members only

Make a wild difference

Early next week

Go wild during the school holidays!

Check out the highlights of exciting nature activities specially for kids!

And MORE fun school holiday activities to discover and enjoy.

MORE events next week

MORE events for the month ahead.