8-15 Jun: Wiggles and Giggles - Singapore International Children's Film Festival

Wiggles and Giggles is a combination of nature-themed films and guided tours at the Jacob Ballas Children's Garden. A collection of 7 nature-themed and eco-friendly films, for ages 3 to 9, is paired with a guided tour of the gardens at the Jacob Ballas Children’s Garden.
Get to see adorable potatoes sing and dance in the rousing musical number Small Potatoes Rock or learn how a resourceful inchworm measures a robin’s tail, a flamingo’s neck, a toucan’s beak, a heron’s legs, and a nightingale’s song to keep itself from being eaten in Inch by Inch. The festival aims to provide kids with educational, enriching and value-affirming content through film and provide families with an enjoyable and enriching cultural experience.

These two different guided tours are available on alternate day of screenings.

Let’s Discover Plants and Animals
Apart from plants, we often come across many animals in the Gardens, such as, birds, frogs, squirrels, butterflies, dragonflies, ants and earthworms. Be amazed by the abundant variety of animals in Jacob Ballas Children’s Garden! Learn fascinating facts about wildlife and pick up tips on respecting them in nature and our environment. You may even get up-close-and-personal with an oriental whip snake or a monitor lizard!

Pond Life Discovery
How do aquatic plants survive when they are submerged in water? What are the special characteristics that aquatic plants have which enable them float on water surface? Aquatic plants are also habitats to many animals. Discover the fascinating pond ecology and be introduced to food chains and the ecosystem. You will be amazed by the many different types of aquatic plants and animals that could be found in ponds.

This event is a collaboration of The Singapore Botanic Gardens and Big Eyes, Big Minds

Dates: 8 to 15 Jun (except 11 Jun)
Venue:  Film screenings at Jacob Ballas Children’s Garden. Each screening is 35 minutes and paired with a 30 minutes guided tour of the gardens.
Cost: $12.50 each (excluding ticketing fees) and available through the festival website www.bigeyesbigminds.com In the event of inclement weather, guided tours will be cancelled for safety reasons. The Gardens will make arrangements for alternate programmes.
Website and contact: www.bigeyesbigminds.com and hoots@bigeyesbigminds.com