5 Jul (Sat): Two talks on moths

Public Talk 1
Lyssa zampa Swallowtail Moths: Opportunities for Citizen Science and Public Education

Time: 10.15am - 11am (30mins + 15mins Q&A)
Speaker: Mr. N. Sivasothi

This May and June, Singapore and Malaysia have witnessed unprecedented swarms of Lyssa zampa moths, often seen congregating in urban areas. There is much talk now about these moths – Why a sudden increase in numbers? Why are we swarmed - what’s happening? Is it a good thing to find them in urban areas? What can we do? Find answers to these questions and more.
Public Talk 2
Moth Magic: an Introduction to Moths

Time: 11am - 12pm (40mins + 20mins Q&A)
Speaker: Dr. Roger Kendrick

Moths comprise the vast majority of the insect order Lepidoptera (butterflies and moths), with over 160,000 species described globally. This talk provides an introduction to the lesser known relatives of the butterflies. We will explore why moths are such a magical component of the Earth's biological diversity, touching on survival strategies, ecosystem function (and services provided to humans), diversity of moths, conservation issues and how moths can be recorded.

All are welcome. The event is free.
For enquiries please contact Mr. Anuj Jain (anuj0001@gmail.com) or Mr. Robin Ngiam (ngiam_wen_jiang@nparks.gov.sg)

Time: 10.15am-12noon
Venue: Level 1, Function Hall, Botany Centre, Singapore Botanic Gardens
Contact and details on the Nature Society (Singapore) facebook page