7-14 Jun: Highlights of the week ahead

Special this week! 13 Jun (Sat) and 14 Jun (Sun): Ubin Day 2015!

Ubin Day is Ubin Open House! Once a year, people and groups who love Ubin come together to organise special events for the public to celebrate Pulau Ubin. LOTS of kampung fun for all. Especially for kids the family, but also for adventurers, artists, photographers, nature lovers and so much more.

From the outdoors and adventure to heritage and nature. Walks, cycles, kayaking, stargazing, butterfly watching, and other outdoor and water activities. Also exhibitions, talks, demonstrations. From Ubin Town to the quarries, mangroves to the forests, and the shores and waters around Pulau Ubin. From morning to evening! Ubin Day activities are organised by passionate people who know and love Ubin. Most are free. More on the Ubin Day website and facebook page.

For kids and the family

Walks in wild places

June school holiday fun!

Wondering what to do with the kids during the school holidays? Check out the highlights of exciting nature activities specially for kids lined up for the school holidays!