11 Sep (Fri): Two Talks on Bees as Watchable Wildlife, and the Buzz on Bees

Open to the Public

Join us at the NSS office from 7pm to 8.30pm for two talks on bees.

First, Dr John Ascher will introduce these attractive and ecologically-crucial pollinators, as well as describe some of their behaviours, including nocturnal foraging, cuckoo-like parasites, and their pollination of restored Tiger Orchids in our parks. Singapore has more than 100 bee species in 28 genera, from giant Carpenter Bees to minute Stingless Honeybees. The inclusion of bees into citizen science inventory and monitoring programmes will be advocated. The camera-wielding public can also play a key role in tracking the spread of exotic species, including a newly-detected dwarf honey bee, and in characterising the habitat needs and floral associations of both sensitive and urban-associated species.

Next, Carl Baptista from Pollen Nation will share more about the bees in Singapore and the growing appreciation of them. Learn about their history, as well as their importance in religion, medicine and agriculture. Special attention will be paid to the widely-distributed Southeast Asian Stingless Honeybee (Tetragonula laeviceps), and what makes it special. Learn how the preservation of this bee and others will impact Singaporeans, our environment, as well as the food and plants we enjoy.

Time: 7-8.30pm
Venue: NSS Office, 510 Geylang Road #02-05, The Sunflower
Website: http://www.nss.org.sg/
Contact: email contact@nss.org.sg or call 6741 2036.