10 Jun (Fri): I want to be a Wildlife Surveyor! with Cicada Tree Eco-Place

Our natural rainforests and seashores are homes to an amazing diversity of wildlife. What about our urban parks and gardens? Are some wild critters able to adapt and make their homes near ours? Can our man-made gardens become more attractive to wildlife to encourage them to stay and to provide suitable food sources for them to survive?
Join us for the 'Connecting with Nature' programmes featuring a series of educational activities in our parks where you and your family can learn and appreciate nature.

Participants will learn basic techniques to conduct a wildlife survey in the park and to present their findings.

To register, email NParks_HortPark@nparks.gov.sg. Please provide your name, contact number and number of participants. After which, payment has to be made by cheque by 31 May 2016.

Time: 10am – 12nn
Meeting point: HortPark, Visitor Services Centre
Cost: $25/person
Website: http://www.nparks.gov.sg/