3-4 Jun (Fri-Sat): Family Nature Camp at Pulau Ubin with Cicada Tree Eco-Place

Specially for Pesta Ubin, engage the entire family on a 2 day 1 night camp on Pulau Ubin!  Join guides from Cicada Tree Eco-Place camping in a tent at the rustic Ubin Living Lab.
Ubin Living Lab
Come to the rustic Ubin Living Lab!
Be rewarded with family bonding time, fresh air, and learning more about Pulau Ubin's amazing wildlife, heritage and way of life.

Watching wildlife on evening, night, and morning guided nature walks along Ubin's kampong trails. Experience life the "Ubin Way" by living simply, caring for and respecting each other and all living things. Learn about Ubin's rich natural and cultural heritage. Then pledge to make a difference in our daily lives as stewards of our planet.

More details and registration on the Pesta Ubin blog.

Date: 3-4 Jun (Fri-Sat)
Time: 9.30am, 3 Jun (Fri) to 12.00pm, 4 Jun (Sat)