8 Sep (Fri): Nite Critter Watch at Singapore Botanic Garden

Join Cicada Tree Eco Place for this special kids' event. The Singapore Botanic Gardens is a lovely old garden created almost 200 years ago. It still retains its original primary rainforest patch. Although now totally surrounded by housing, busy roads and more development, this lush garden is still home to our smaller species of wildlife. The well-vegetated ponds here are nurseries for several species of frogs, and both insect and fruit eating bats roost in the garden’s palm trees.
Lesser dog-faced fruit bat (Cynopterus brachyotis)
As dusk falls, kids can learn to use the bat detector to hear their echo-locating calls. The lovely Spotted Wood-owl and tiny Collared Scops-owl live here. Nocturnal insects that we may see include a variety of moths and bush crickets, and hopefully even a stick insect. We will walk the easy pathways to visit the ponds and other corners of the garden to meet other nite critters who live here such as the Four-lined Treefrog and Large-tailed Nightjar, plus maybe also encounter sleeping snakes and monitor lizards! We will end our walk back at our starting point in the lobby of Botany Centre.

For the whole family. Single adults welcome but there will be kids. All kids must be accompanied by at least 1 adult guardian. Kids get info-sheets and native wildlife stickers

More info and registration online.

Time: 6.15pm to 8.30pm.
Venue: Tanglin Gate entrance of Singapore Botanic Garden.
Cost: $13 per pax (same for both adults and kids). Free for participants’ kids aged 6 yrs and below. Payment in cash or cheque will be collected in person at the activity. Cheques to be made payable to "Cicada Tree Eco-Place"