13 Mar (Tue): Wild Critter Watch at Windsor’s Rainforest Trails

Join Cicada Tree Eco Place at this recently opened park is connected to the rainforest of our Central Catchment Nature Reserve, with 2 new trails to explore. The Squirrel Trail is a boardwalk and dirt track through freshwater swamp habitat featuring Tree Pandans, kampong plants and fruit trees where we can meet the Golden-backside Ant, Golden Web Spider and White-handed Fly.
The Drongo Trail is an elevated low canopy walkway where we should meet squirrels and tree-climbing Clouded Monitor lizards at their eye level. A lovely natural forest stream runs through the forest here, rippling with native freshwater fishes such as the Aruan snakehead, Pygmy Halfbeak, Elegant Rasbora and Saddleback Barb. This stream also hosts an incredible number of glittering dragonflies and damselflies, our natural mosquito-control brigade. Close-up observation, with a magnifying glass, of the Treehugger dragonfly, male and female, is definite.

Plus….the water-loving Gold-ringed Catsnake has been spotted here multiple times already! This is a good location to spot a roosting Colugo, which is not an easy animal to spot in the other countries in its range. The variety of wild habitats here are homes to an amazing diversity of wildlife, and it is only 15 mins away from Orchard Road.

This easy walk goes on an uneven rock path, dirt trail, and wooden boardwalks with some stairs.

All kids must be accompanied by at least 1 adult guardian. Kids get info-sheets and native wildlife stickers in our kids’ activities.

More details and tickets on the facebook events page

Time: 9.30am - 11.30am
Venue: Windsor Nature Park & Central Catchment Nature Reserve
We meet at 9.30am at the public toilet block of Windsor Nature Park’s visitor pavilion which is beside the Venus Drive car park.
Address: No.30, Venus Drive, Singapore 573858
Cost: $13 per participant (adult or child). Free for children aged 6 years and below. Payment in cash or cheque will be collected in person at the activity. Cheque to be made payable to: ‘Cicada Tree Eco-Place’