19-25 Jul: Highlights of the week ahead

For kids and the family

Special event at Pulau Ubin

Walks in wild places

Talk this week

For Nature Society (Singapore) members only

Registration now open

NEW! Mega Marine Survey of Singapore! What do we have on our shores? We will soon find out as NParks has launched a Comprehensive Marine Biodiversity Survey! And ordinary people too can make a difference by volunteering for this Mega Marine Survey. More about the survey and how to register your interest.

Continuing this week! Specially for Singapore shore guides: veteran, newbie, wannabe! A weekly series of intensive workshops (8 Jul - 5 Aug) that covers all our favourite shore ecosystems, and ends with a field session! This week: a workshop on our coral reefs. Registration still open.

Highlights of Singapore nature news

Highlights of Singapore nature blogs

Photo of the week is this awesome view of Cyrene taken by Russel and shared on his brand new blog into the wild. Check out his vibrant photos and stories of all kinds of nature things from bugs to books, and corals to koels.