6 Sep (Thu): The Birthday Party: Sara at The Children's Garden

Sara is celebrating her baby brother's birthday party. At the last minute, she realizes she forgot the birthday present! Help Sara search for the perfect gift at the Children's Garden. Along the way, have a fun and memorable experience in this Garden dedicated to children.

Suitable for children in K1 – P2 levels.

To register, email nparks_sbg_edu@nparks.gov.sg or call 64719961 or register online at www.sbg.org.sg (under "Education")

Time: 10-11am
Cost: $8.50 per child (includes $2.50 “The Birthday Party. Sara at the Children’s Garden” workbook); $6 per accompanying parent.
Venue: Jacob Ballas Children’s Garden, Bukit Timah Core 
Website: http://www.nparks.gov.sg/
Contact: 6471 9961 or nparks_sbg_edu@nparks.gov.sg