16 Mar (Sat): "Trees Around Us" - drama workshop for kids

Trees around us are of great importance to nature and to our environment. They contribute countless benefits to our daily lives by shading us from the hot sun, shielding us from rain, providing us with clean air. Trees are also homes to many living creatures. Through play and dramatization in this drama series, children get to take on various participating roles in the story, to learn about the beauty of trees. Through each story, children learn to emulate and incorporate good, moral value in their lives.

Based on a short story by Shel Silverstein, children will open their eyes to another side of trees. They will learn that a tree has many wonders and through this short drama, participants will see in various ways that trees can contribute to our daily lives.

Suitable for children in K1 – P6 levels

Time: 10-11am
Cost: $10/child
Venue: Jacob Ballas Children’s Garden, Bukit Timah Core of the Singapore Botanic Gardens
Website and contact: http://www.nparks.gov.sg/ or 64719961 / 6465 0196