18 Mar (Mon): Walk on The Wild Side! Meet our Forest Friends!

We'll be leading you along the Lower Peirce Trail where certain forest friends live, like the mousedeer, pangolin and colugo. Strange names, right? Come and find out about them! There's more! Our trail is also home to wild pigs, monitor lizards, flying lizards and monkeys. If we're lucky that day (and why shouldn't we be?) we will spot our forest feathered friends - drongos, babblers, barbets, cuckoos, flowerpeckers, sunbirds, an eagle or two, and we might prick up our ears and get to hear the calls of the regal kingfishers! Also bring along your magnifying glass to peek at all sorts of lovely jungle bugs. Our nature guides will be telling us their proper names, and we will learn more about your new friends. Come along! We'll be walking along shady boardwalks, and it will be nice and cool. It will be quite enchanting, as Lower Peirce is tucked away from the noise of the city. This will be a great nature break!

What to Bring: Water in your re-usable water bottle, and herbal insect repellent. Be sure to dress cool in cotton clothing, and bring a hat and a poncho, raincoat or umbrella, to be prepared for any kind of weather! Kids should wear long pants with socks and covered shoes.

To register, email Celine Low at contact@cicadatree.org.sg giving participants' names, ages and a mobile no.

Time: 9-11am
Cost: $15 for each child. No charge for one accompanying adult.

Meeting Place: Main Entrance car park of Lower Peirce Reservoir Park, Old Upper Thomson Road. Ends at Casuarina Road prata shop exit (we will backtrack for those who want to return to starting point).
Website and contact: http://www.cicadatree.org.sg/