19 Mar (Tue): Chek Jawa Walk for kids

We go on the extensive boardwalk at Chek Jawa on Pulau Ubin. Here we shall see a diversity of unique flora and fauna. A low tide will expose the seagrass 'lawn' on the mud-flats and perhaps a Carpet Sea Anemone or Sea Cucumber. Hundreds of Fiddler Crabs will also be out and waving about. Seasonally, a variety of edible seaweed may be tossed up by the waves. Winding through the mangrove forest, we walk under Attap Palms whose leaves are still harvested for thatching, and seeds added into Ice Kachang. The shallow sea here supports incredible marine biodiversity, and is home to the rare and globally-endangered Dugong or Sea Cow. At CJ, the lush, coastal forest grows right down to meet the Rocky Seashore where, if lucky, we may glimpse a flock of Red Jungle Fowl or a family of Wild Pigs foraging for seafood.

Note: This walk will only be on the boardwalk and dirt trails, some parts with gentle slopes. We will not be going onto the seashore or mud-flats.

To register, email Celine Low at contact@cicadatree.org.sg giving participants' names, ages and a mobile no.

Time: 8.30am for a 3 hour walk. End time at Changi point ferry terminal: around 12.30pm.

Meeting place: Changi point ferry terminal.
Cost: $15 per person (adult or child), excluding the bumboat ride and mini-bus ride to Chek Jawa. The bumboat ride is $2.50 per person one way. The mini-bus ride is $4 return per person to and from the main village (10-12 pax per bus).
Website and contact: http://www.cicadatree.org.sg/